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You may pay with PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will let you pay with your credit card or by direct debit.

We are fast, reliable and have great support. We offer the most convenient way to create high quality DCPs. And you will only pay a fraction of the usual DCP price. We offer a 30-days-money-back guarantee should you not be content with our services.

  1. You send us a download link to your film.
  2. You pay with PayPal or a credit card.
  3. We create your DCP (digital cinema package).
  4. Our software checks that your DCP will work correctly.
  5. We check the image quality and sound synchronicity.
  6. We send you an email with a download link to your DCP.

Sure. Send a download link to a 10 second excerpt of your film to support (at) Please provide the color space of your project if you know it. In case you send an image sequence, please tell us the frame rate of your film.

We create DCPs with the best image and sound quality available. We have experience with hundreds of DCPs and we do extensive testing to make sure our DCPs look great and work as expected in the cinema. We use one of the best DCP transcoders (Fraunhofer easyDCP JPEG2000 Transcoder) to create high quality DCPs with comparatively small file sizes.

We will treat your film as if it were our own! The access to our computers is physically and digitally protected. We honor your trust in us and will always keep your data safe. We will store your DCP for two weeks and afterwards, we'll erase it along with all your data.

You may send us any kind of download link without password protection.
Here are some examples of online file sharing services: - send 20 GB for free, 100 GB with premium - send 2 GB for free, 10 GB with premium - 2 GB online storage for free, 1TB with premium - 15 GB online storage, more with premium
FTP server - send us a http download link to content on your FTP

We support all common file formats and codecs. You may include the sound in the video file or send separate sound tracks. Please send the subtitles as a separate file or burn them in. You may also send a font file along with the subtitles.

Film Formats

mov with prores LT, prores 422, prores HQ, prores 4444
mov with other codecs, photo-jpeg, h264, etc.
mp4, mkv, avi, wmv
png image sequence, jpeg image sequence, tiff image sequence

Audio Formats

wav, mp3, m4a, aac, pcm
We convert all audio tracks to WAVE files with 48000 khz and 24-bit. We support stereo and 5.1 audio as multichannel files or separate mono tracks.

Subtitle Formats

SubRip (.srt)

Subtitle Font Formats

TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf)

Please visit our Facebook page to find out what others say about the quality of our DCPs. We are also very interested in YOUR feedback on our film submission process and the quality of the DCPs we made for you. So please connect with us through Facebook or write a short message to support (at)

DCP stands for “Digital Cinema Package." It has replaced 35mm film as the international standard for film screenings in cinemas around the world.

A DCP can include separate video, audio and subtitle tracks. This way you can add multiple language and subtitle versions without adding another video track. A DCP will look the same in every digital cinema around the world. And, you can distribute a DCP via the internet!

Older DCI-servers can only play back films with 24 frames per second. But most cinemas will also play other frame rates, such as 25 or 30 frames per second. If your film has a native frame rate of 25 fps and you want to make sure that it will also play back on older systems, we can create a backup DCP with 24 fps for you. Please contact us at support (at) for a price quote.

DCPs support several resolutions and aspect ratios. We recommend "2k flat" with 1998 x 1080 pixels, "2k cinema scope" with 2048 x 858 pixels or "full HD" with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The latter will be pillarboxed with black on the left and right side to fit the DCI standard.

DCPs can also host 4k images with 3996 x 2160 or 4096 x 1716 pixels. You have to be aware that the file size increases by a factor of 4 and that many cinemas downsample 4k images, because they can only play 2k. Regarding image detail; 2k is more than enough for most films.

The audio of a DCP shall be an uncompressed PCM WAVE file with a sample rate of 48 khz or 96 khz and a bit depth of 24-bit. We automatically convert all audio tracks to fit the above specifications.

The most common channel count in a DCP is 5.1 audio. We also receive many films with stereo sound. Channel Mapping for 5.1 audio files is 1. L/Left 2. R/Right 3. C/Center 4. LFE/Screen 5. Ls/Left Surround 6. Rs/Right Surround.

With internet connections becoming faster and faster you can easily distribute short film DCPs over the internet. You simply send a download link to cinemas and film festivals around the world, once you have uploaded your DCP to your Dropbox or Google Drive. This is why we make sure that your DCP is as small as possible while retaining great quality. Please make sure that you zip your DCP folder before copying it to another location or uploading it. Otherwise it might become corrupted and unusable.
Sometimes you will have to deliver your DCP on a hard drive or USB-stick. You can put small DCPs of up to 4 GB on a normal FAT32 formatted USB-stick. They can be ingested directly into most DCI cinema servers. Some servers also support Windows NTFS formatted hard drives. But most of the time your DCP will have to be copied to an EXT formatted drive that can be ingested into DCI cinema servers. Mac OS X formatted drives can not be used. It is important to attach a note to your hard drive casing that states the type of file system you use.
The industry standard is to distribute a DCP on an EXT formatted hard drive or USB-stick with an Inode size of 128 bytes. This is the safest file system, but it is rather complicated to create, so non-technical people should not do this on their own. Please contact us at support (at) for a price quote.

We recommend the trial version of the neoDCP player. It is for Microsoft Windows computers only. You can register at to download the free trial. The trial version will stop playback once every minute. To continue watching your DCP you will have to press play again. You will need a decent computer, otherwise the player will degrade the image quality to keep playing back smoothly. If you need to check DCPs on a regular basis you might want buy a license. They start at around 80 euros.

We are not affiliated with neoDCP and we do not receive any commissions for recommending their player.

We keep our web interface simple. For a DCP with multiple picture tracks, multiple audio tracks, delivery on a physical drive, (USB- stick, USB-drive, CRU-Dataport drive), or other special requests, please contact us at support (at) for a price quote.

Hi, my name is Martin Schmidt and I am the founder of I was introduced to DCP creation in 2010 when I was the technical director of the German film festival Kasseler Dokfest and through my job as an assistant professor at a college of art. Since the beginning, I have had to deal with the DCP conversion of many films at the same time. This is why I began automating the process very early on. From my contact with hundreds of film makers I know how challenging it can be to create a DCP. This is how the idea for a very simple online DCP website was born. The "My Online DCP" headquarters are based in Kassel, the German city that hosts the world-renowned Documenta Modern Art Exhibition every 5 years.

Send us an email at support (at) We will answer within 24 hours during the week.

Check the price of your DCP beforehand with our price calculator below. You may pay with your PayPal account. If you do not have one, PayPal also supports payment by credit card without account sign up. We offer great discounts for bulk submissions of 5 films or more. Please contact us at support (at) for a price quote.